Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More Rainy Day Stories

When you *walk* to work, it would be appreciated if the streets were clean and dry. But this being the Philippines, there's such a thing called "rain" (and "storms").

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, as a pedestrian, it's not only the rain I have to contend with. For one thing, there's numerous vehicles traveling at high speeds that splash water. And since our streets are far from the sturdiest ones, there's literally pools of water all over EDSA. Oh, and don't forget incoming traffic!

I'm reminded of the classic Atari game Frog. Except this is significantly harder, especially since you have to contend with the rain. And you only have one life.

Word Nerd

It was pointed out today how Filipinos can have an entire conversation using only one syllable:

Elevator lady: Bababa ba? (Are you going down?)

Person: Bababa. (Going down.)


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