Friday, August 27, 2004

Weekend Already

Honestly, I've been so busy the entire week that I couldn't be bored nor excited, simply because I've been too busy. Well, I could always lose out on sleep but that's a no-no.

On a side note, I've grown and learned so much this past week that I'm not the same person I was six days ago.

And no, I'm still as thin as ever. And I still don't eat lunch. =)

On a side note, Abi is probably the only person who told me that I'm getting fat when I met up with her last week. Everyone else, for the past nine years, has been telling me that I look thinner. Unfortunately, they're all wrong: my body has found its equilibrum that I'm neither gaining nor losing weight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to see you have acheived your balance in life. interesting blog.

8:42 PM  

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