Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Ateneo currently has its job fair but because I still don't have my transcript of records (my English 11 grade is still in limbo), it's not like I could apply either way.

Pain in the Ass

Two months ago, I bumped my butt into one of those steel chairs outside Comic Quest while waiting for Vin. I think I hit my tailbone or something and it hasn't really healed ever since. Now whenever I sit, there's a pain lingering there that intensifies when I shift out of my sitting position (such as standing up).

A Random Quote A Day

It's been my goal since last year to come up with 365 quotes so that a person can theoretically get a different quote each day (for one year) whenever they visit my blog. I'm far from reaching that goal but at least now, the number of quotes I have are in the three digits range.


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