Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hopefully People Will Actually Try to Answer This

Stalking Charles Test

Stalker not by Choice

It was only Friday's event that I stayed until the end of my block's presentation. Unfortunately, during the credits, one name was neglected. I didn't get called.

Of course while I'm not Mr. energy during the event, I've also done my share of the work and perhaps even more than some of my blockmates.

So like the stalker that I am, should I be content that I'm true to my name and remain unacknowledged?

Hopefully the mentioned me in the gala last night, but then again, I wasn't there, so I'll never really know (I could always ask my spy network...).

Books for Sale

Despite the fact that only 150 copies of my block's book was printed, half remain unsold. So if you want to purchase a copy, tell me. It's priced at P160 ($3.00). Cheap by US standards, a bit above Philippine book prices.

I'm Repeating Myself

Samhiel, who by chance is one of the forsaken in Wheel of Time, is an angel that cures stupidity.


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