Sunday, January 18, 2004


Review of Return of the King

Van Helsing Trailer

Gene Wolfe Interview (by Gaiman)

Lost Episode of Dr. Who

New Worlds part 2

Didn't stay for long since it was my grandfather's birthday, and that means staying for dinner.

Didn't see anything really outstanding today, although today was the cosplayer's parade where around two dozen cosplayers entered the Powerplant Mall in costume and, uh, paraded. There was basically a number of LotR, Star Trek, and Harry Potter fans in costume, as well as a few Buffy, Matrix, and Kill Bill people.

On a side note, I did learn how to play the CCG A Game of Thrones, something to add to my existing repertoire (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Raw Deal, Warlord, Neopets, Yu-Gi-Oh!).


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