Tuesday, June 11, 2002

The past two days has switched from boredom to very busy.

Last Monday afternoon, I decided to take a stroll along the malls in EDSA. Walked to Robinsons Galleria and visited Neutral Grounds but barely anyone was there. Then I went to Megamall to check out Powerbook's sale but nothing new was available, I wasn't really inclined to purchase anything. The "Deities and Demigods" book for D&D at Comic Quest though was quite enticing. Still, I thought better than to spend my depleting money on something like that. And it was a good thing as well. When I got to A Different Bookstore in Glorietta, I saw the paperback of Cleric Quintet. I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Purchasing it was a bargain. It cost me nearly P800 but that was better than the alternative. The Cleric Quintet has five books and at today's prices, each would cost P320.00. Five multiplied by P320 equals P1600. See, it cost me half the price to get the entire collection!

Then, I went to Neutral Grounds to take a peek if Paul (the cosplayer, not the model kit savant) was there. And he was. Strangely enough, there was a shortage of Magic: The Gathering players at the time. Anyway, he was waiting for a text message to tell him where he could pay his edsamail account. He needs one now since he's already applying for a job.

The text message never arrived but we did go to Virramall to help him scrounge materials for his costume. My legs were already strained at walking from one mall to another but what the heck. By six, he went back to Neutral Grounds and I went home.

The next day was Jobert's despidida. We were supposed to have paintball but that was turned down in exchange for Warcraft 3. I was at his hosue by 5:30 pm but we didn't get to leave his condo until 12 am. A lot of people were there and Jobert's sister even had her friends from Poveda. I also got my books and CDs from Jobert.

Anyway, we played Warcraft until 4 am at Blueskies. It was a 4 vs 3 match between the newbies and us. We were all playing Night Elves as a handicap as those weren't the races we were used to. Suffice to say, we won. =)

Also, got an email that the AXN Anime Fest got cancelled here in the Philippines. At least the cosplayer's won't have to trouble themselves with what to wear. Awwww. And Krizelle was going to come in as one of the divas from Akihabara.

On a side note, we might get Wilson (the current artist for the Gatchaman comic) as a judge for the Anime@Arki art contest. Cool!


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