Thursday, June 13, 2002

I missed watching Verum Est since I didn't know the TV sched of ABS-CBN. Besides, I was watching Metropolis. =)

Bought the Metropolis DVD today. Had to configure my DVD-ROM on region 3. Now I wonder if there's anyone there who'd be willing to loan his DVD player program so that I can watch region 1 DVDs also.

Anyway, the movie was great! Everything was beautiful and gorgeous. It even came along with trailers for the Cowboy Bebop movie and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The subtitles come in a variety of languages and you can opt for Japanese, English, or French dialogue. I'm wondering though if they already showed it in US theaters or will they plan to do so in the future. The English trailer was amazing and the story had depth. It didn't disappoint especially when you count the all-star cast of Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Rintaro (X).

The DVD also came along with a bonus CD (the size of a single) that had features like concept sketches, filmographies, history, and interviews. It's well worth it for the P1000 I spent.

It also occured to me with the exception of the Studio Ghilbi animation, most of Japan's successful theatrical features are in the real of science fiction. Akira back in 1988, Ghost in the Shell in 1996, and now... Metropolis. What is it with people's fascination with man and machine?


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