Friday, June 27, 2003

P140,000 Starting Salary

Went to one Atenean from last year's batch. Of course this is more of the exception rather than the norm. Guess what the person's course was?

I.S. (Interdisciplinary Studies).

And yet Elbert (an I.S. Major) is still frustrated about landing a job once he graduates.

As for me, I have that reckless streak of come what may.


Well, I think my high school class will be having its reunion next week. Unfortunately, the one organizing it studies in DLSU so I really have this feeling the meeting will be held far away from my home.

On a side note, I was shocked when I saw a classmate of mine in Ateneo. Wearing a freshman ID. Apparently, he gave up three years of studies in UST and transferred to Ateneo. Hopefully, he'll be able to finish it in two and a half years. It's just weird seeing a fellow batchmate being a freshman and be now a senior.

Of course one classmate who's been studying in the US for the past two years came home and he's... thinner.

Unfortunately, that's the same thing people have been telling me for the past eight years. I mean I know I'm thin. Really thin. I don't think I can get any thinner. If I did, honestly, there'd be nothing left. It can't be true what people are saying. I can't be getting thinner for the past eight years. I might look more pathetic, but not actually be thinner.

Blog Hits

Apparently, I don't even exist in Rice Bowl Journals.

My hits, on the other hand, has been decreasing as of late. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing since I save more bandwidth when it comes to images. And I'd like to think I'm giving up quantity for quality. I mean do you know how many hits I get from people looking for "crush gears", "beyblades", "zoids", "porn", "meteor garden", and "poor prince"? Maybe I should just include the words Ranma 1/2 and Gundam Wing just to get a head start in racking up random pepole who use search engines.

And to the guy who was looking for RPGs here in Metro Manila, you can obtain them from Neutral Grounds, Comic Quest, CATS, and occassionally, from A Different Boookstore/Ink and Stone.

And Stalking We Will Go...

Haven't had time to visit people's blogs as of late. Tuesdays and Thursdays seem like "downtime" for me, and Wednesday and Friday mornings is used to "make-up" for those lost hours. Having back pains also hurt, which is why I reduced the load of my bag.

Meanwhile, I'm up to my old hauntings when it comes to saying "peek-a-boo!" to acquaintances who happen to be in front of me (and take the credit for being such a dedicated stalker).


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