Monday, November 10, 2003

RotK Tickets

Suffice to say, there's a premier before the end of the year. Of course so far, the price ranges for the tickets are somewhere between P350-P500. And not at the most accessible places at that.

Chinese Names

What can I say? Here in the Philippines, a lot of Filipino-Chinese have the same first names and last names (unless, of course, it got misspelled in the paperwork and you're stuck with a name your parents didn't originally intend). It's a perfect "stalker" name since you're one among many (i.e. harder to track down) but then again, it's harder for one to get an N.B.I. clearance (you'd be surprised at the number of wanted people who share your name).

Of course in choosing the first names, I've noticed that many Chinese (here in the Philippines) look to the West for their inspiration. Take my name, for example. Why Charles and not Carlos (although while the latter is a Spanish name, it is more "Filipino")? I mean I haven't really met a lot of people with names like Juan Tan or Pedro Co. It's usually along the lines of Michael, John, Kenneth, etc. The only frequent "Filipino" names adopted by the Chinese I've seen are the Maria Theresas (*pokes Tchan*).


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