Monday, April 24, 2006

[Blog Entry] Don't Try This at Home, Once A Year, Expired Tear Gas

Don't Try This at Home

Remember the sequence in the media, when the person gets amnesia because he or she gets hit in the head? And the way of restoring his/her memory is by hitting him/her again? Well, in real life, that doesn't work.

But apparently it does for technology. I dropped my cellphone a few days ago, the same phone that I dropped previously which made it lose its ringing capabilities. Everything's back to normal again, at least until I drop it again...

Once A Year

Ever since becoming an employee of Pulp Magazine, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll lose a day. April 30 as a matter of fact. Except this year, we moved it to April 29. So there, I'll be at our Summer Slam, living my own personal hell as I coordinate with lots and lots of people, and with customers inevitabaly placing the blame on me.

On a side note, management had to bar various items from the event (for the sake of safety, which seemed ineffective since we don't have any casualties so far in the past five years that we've been hosting a concert), some of which seemed inane to certain people (such as perfume... but it's not the perfume we're afraid of, it's the glass that's storing it).

In the event that you do pop up at Pulp Summer Slam, please DO NOT bring the following. Or else they will wind up in a bag of devouring.

1. Deadly weapons (knives of any sort and guns)
2. Dog chains
3. Pens and pencils
4. Water bottles
5. Cans
6. Banner poles
7. Pepper spray/tear gas
8. Lighters
9. Studded bracelets
10. Drugs and alcohol

Expired Tear Gas

Can someone explain the concept of expired tear gas? I overheard one of the Barangay tanod's having a stockpile of expired tear gas and well... this is the part where Seinfeld does his stand-up comedy routine. I mean expired food means spoiled food, but the concept of tear gas is to expel people. So does that mean the tear gas becomes doubly effective when it's expired? Wouldn't that make it more efficient? Or does it make you less teary, transforming tear gas into just plain gas?


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