Friday, June 20, 2003

Seven Hours of Darkness

The storm lasted for only a hour, but unfortunately, the same can't be said for the lack of electricity.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind living without electricity. Except that it happened at 6:30 pm in the evening until 1:30 the next day. I'm not bothered with not being able to use any electronic device more than the fact that it's dark and I can't read.

Maybe if I were in the US, where the sun has been known to set at 9 pm, I'd tolerate this power failure. But honestly, seven hours of darkness?

People, I was trapped in my room because there was no light. I was literally groping to reach the bathroom and prayed that my aim was good when I was peeing.

And how pathetic can you get than using your cellphone as a flashlight?

Sleep Sleep and More Sleep

Last Thursday, I slept at 7:30 pm and had one of those rare 12-hour naps to make up for lost sleep. Hence, no updates.

Guess what I was doing the entire evening of Friday's blackout?

Harry Potter 5

Great, there's a rumor that National Bookstore can't supply enough copies of Harry Potter 5 and not even able to refund those who made reservations.

Oh yeah, Powerbooks also has a promo of opening at 7:01 am so that they can sell copies of Harry Potter. P1345.00 in hardcover. You also get free coffee. Did I mention they just emailed this to me at 5 pm today... *looks at time* errrr, yesterday.

Interview with J.K. Rowling

Popular with Freshmen

Honestly, I never thought I'd be popular with them.

I mean I did stalk, errr, meet up with Mia and Mavis last Thursday and accompanied them for an hour or so, impressing them with my stalker powers.

Apparently, Ateneo is now Pinoy Otaku Central. It used to be DLSU since a lot of Pinoy Otaku members were enrolled there but now, considering that Mia is in ADMU and Mavis has transferred...

Instead of getting home early, waited at the shed with Tchan for her mother to fetch her. I wanted to hitch a ride but declined to do so. Of course when I was in Cubao, Tchan sends me a text message saying that they went to Greenhills. >.<

Mavis: Benj showing up at the airport when Mia arrived is actually a blessing in disguise.

Me: Why? So that you had someone to carry the bags?

Mia: Yup!


Yeah, that's the new term for the Chinese soap operas like Meteor Garden, My MTV Valentine, and The Poor Prince.


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