Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Wading through the rain (getting wet wet wet!) and spending 12 hours at school isn't my idea of relaxing, especially not on the second day of school.

It hurts that I haven't eaten for twenty or so hours (well, I'm living proof that you can survive not eating for a day). The reason for this is just as I was about to eat breakfast, my sandwich was crawling with insects which the cook didn't see when she made it. Pressed for time, I drank my glass of water and went to school.

Oh yeah, horrible traffic at 7 am and still horrible traffic at 7 pm.


I forgot to mention last monday that my Theology teacher loves to say this one phrase: "please say yes". Ha! And he calls it a democracy. =)

My Not-So-Expected Classes

Managed to sit-in Mr. Sunico's class on book publishing and he agreed that I can sit-in regularly. Yey, that's a virtual 3 units additional class for me.

And apparently, my class in writing for children is in Filipino ;_; But thankfully Ms. Belen is willing to let us write in English, although our subject matter must deal with children's lit in the Philippines, which is what I originally intended.

The Library

With the school's library undergoing renovation, this is not the best time to be a student of the Ateneo. It doesn't help that the library is essentially scatted all around the campus, like the reserve section in the management building but the circulation section at the steps of the library (*sniff*, I don't have any place to hang out anymore).

Enlisting Comicol Members

Me: Join Comicol!

Liana: Only if you join LitSoc.

Me: Join Comicol!

Alen: Only if you join LitSoc.

Me: Join Comicol!

Jamie: Only if you join Litsoc.

Hmmm, a three for one trade ain't bad.

More Books

More books were being returned today, and a friend asked me if I'm going to purchase Harry Potter 5 so that I can loan it to her.

Suddenly, purchasing Harry Potter 5 on Saturday became so tempting...

Harry Potter 5

The launch will be this Saturday, June 21, at the Fully Booked (a.k.a. Page One) bookstore at Rockwell Powerplant. It's going to be from 10 am - 11 pm and the entrance fee is P300, which covers the raffle, reserves you a copy of the book, and is deductible from the final price (P1399).

The Hulk

It's going to air tomorrow although Gio has premier tickets for the movie tonight.

Toy Con

It doesn't help that it falls under the same day as the Harry Potter book launch, and it's in a different mall. I cannot emphasize that it is in the Conference Room rather than the Hall of the Megatrade. P20 entrance fee, and I hear several comic artists are droppping by such as Gerry Alanguilan, Lyndon Gregorio, Wilson Tortoso, Carlo Pagulayan, etc.

Currenlty Reading...

Regina's Song by David & Leigh Edddings. Definitely something new and vastly different from their other books, which I can't say the same for their previous book, Redemption of Althalus, which is just a rehash of The Belgariad and Mallorean.

On Fantasy Books

Did mention it to Ms. Belen that a lot of fantasy books nowadays are getting either the chidren's book treatment or young adult treatment. Novels have been split apart into two (such as the Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Eye of the World) or three (Sword of Shanarra) books. I think Ender's Game also got the children's book treatment.


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