Sunday, June 30, 2002

In another day of my not-so-mundane life, I did something mundane: go out shopping for school materials.

I just hate it when people constantly ask you for paper, pencil, ballpen, tape, stapler, and whatever else you might need in class. Still, that hasn't stopped them. And that's how I lose some of my materials that were meant for me and me alone.

I did manage to buy glue, a notebook, masking tape... everything but a ballpen. I think purchasing a ballpen takes the longest time and is one of the hardest pursuits. I mean you can't just buy any ballpen.

First, above all else, you need a ballpen that works. I mean there are fancy ballpens like gelpen, techpen, and other gimmicks but what I need in a ballpen is the fact that it writes. A lot of generic ballpens out there write but after a few weeks (or *gasp*, a few days), their ink starts to dry up and it won't write anymore. It's quite pathetic when you need to to burn the tip of your ballpen on a regular basis just to make it work.

Second, its ink must be just right. I don't want the pen to blot and probably mar the paper but something that can be plainly seen without trying too hard.

Third, I don't want it to be something too big or too small. I don't really want to lug around a pen the size of a marker. Or something as small as an eraser. As long as it fits comfortably in my hand, it'll be fine. I already despise handwriting as it is. Choosing a pen that fits comfortably goes a long way.

Lastly, there's also the dilemma of price. Do I really want to shell out more than P50.00 just for a ballpen? I'm not the type that needs a Parker or a fountain pen. What I need is something that works and preferably, for the most meager of prices. It's a ballpen for God's sakes. It's not something people should show off. While aesthetics is good, practicality should always be remembered.


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