Friday, June 28, 2002

Well, yesterday was just one of those days when you get home, eat dinner, and then hibernate for ten or so hours.

Nothing really spectacular happened at school yesterday. I am participating more in Mr. Bulaong's philosophy class but it also appears as if I'm the only one who understands his teachings. There's Martino, the ever-constant doubter on Descarte, especially when it came to the part that math and science aren't certain. Doubting is all and well, that's what the lesson is about after all. However, he totally missed the point that there were mistakes in Math before and that you can't completely trust something that has failed you before.

Also, while waiting for my carpool, I suddenly realized that there was a poetry reading at the place where I was supposed to meet him. Eva dragged me there and I told her I was going home at 6 pm. She then replied "Huh? That'll be around the time that thing would start!" Of course, may carpool was a bit late so I was there long enough to hear one guy's performance (he sang three songs) and another girl's poem. Well, Richie was also there but he left somewhere in between. He did make a comment about the guy's voice that wasn't exactly flattering. Too bad people didn't hear it. =)

And of course, my undone work is starting to pile up. 1) I have to visit the National Museum. 2) Have to keep a journal for my nonfiction class. 3) Have to make fanzine which is due tomorrow. And people say my life is easy. =)


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