Saturday, June 29, 2002

Got home at around 3:30 am today since I was able to nearly max out Area 51's 6 pm - 4 am promo. I was there at six and we left at around 3 am. Not bad for P150.

Of course that more or less explains why you've seen me writing early in the morning as of late in contrast to the wee hours of the night.

I was planning to actually make my fanzine yesterday but I wasn't in the mood. Actually spent a lot of time sleeping and resting. And then had to go to Galleria in the afternoon to meet the gamers who were supposed to watch at movie. Of course that didn't happen and we just went out for an early Warcraft game.

Our group won all our multiplayer games while in a free for all match since there was just only three of us at the time, I won twice out of three games. Not bad. Sometimes, it makes me cocky. And then I start playing in Ateneo and I start to become humble again. =) Either way, Warcraft's been taking a toll on my budget, and lately, time.


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