Thursday, June 27, 2002

It's finally Friday and I can't believed two weeks have passed since classes started.

Had lunch yesterday with the Philo block plus Steph. I wasn't really speaking much although I did get to see Ela, Aiah, and PJ. Of course the mineral water I ordered had an expiry date of June 24, and the year was etched out. Uh oh.

Just got another dose of Ambeth Ocampo's tricky quizzes. I knew the true answer but didn't write it down. Oh well, another D for the list.

Spent an hour and a half handwriting three stories for nonfiction. Boy was that tiring for the hands. And then, had to rush to Area 51 in Annapolis to meet my new gaming group and play Warcraft 3.

I wasn't able to make my character since the guy who brings the dice wasn't present. And oh joy, there's the stereotypical gaming group of "no one wants to play the cleric". Except me of course. It's time I show them the power of cheese. =)

In Warcraft 3, on the other hand, everyone was shocked that I was playing a random race. I guess it goes to show how long I've been playing the game. I expected the Area 51 people to be really skilled players that can beat the crap out of anyone. Apparently, I was exagerrating it. They were good but I had a good 50/50 chance of winning against them on one on one. As for the team games, it was a six on six fest. We fought three times since I had to go home and sleep (too bad it wasn't a Friday) since I have classes today but of those games we played, we won!!!

And of course, I come home to the computer, check email, read blogs, and go to sleep. I have a quiz for theology today and I didn't exactly get a high grade in the last quiz. Oh well.


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