Monday, June 24, 2002

Poetry is the art of saying something and meaning something else. It's also the art of going around in circles and saying something indirectly. Which is, of course, the complete opposite of me. I'm a person who favors bluntness over anything else. Interesting dilemma for a person who's trying to write poetry.

I'm not a person who's fond of the cold. That's why I always carry a jacket wherever I go. And wouldn't you know it, all my classes today were in airconditioned rooms. My Philosophy class tranferred to the third floor in Bellarmine since no one was occupying it and for Poetry, transferred to the room next to ours, which also had aircon. Yes, I'm complaining. I'm the person who sleeps in a room with black wallpapers and all the windows are closed. I don't turn on the aircon and I don't use an electric fan. I go to bed with blankets.

And while I was blog browsing, as much as I like Sheila, her blog hurts my eyes. Light blue on white is far from an easy read. Ouch!!!

And for our daily segment on replying to other people's blogs, I always love to comment on Garrick's. As a retort at my "pretty lady encounter" at Club Arena, I like to clarify to Garrick than in Ateneo, I do not do "girl watching". I know girls. They're friends. And they also happen to be pretty. Yes, prettier than the one you guys threw me at. And no, I am not interested in them. There's more to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship than just good looks and a kind personality. A lot of people would fit that criteria.

Oh yeah, and Garr's remark that his articles would be better than the ones in Playboy. I wouldn't know. I don't look at or read Playboy. I don't see the use. Paul at Hobby Cafe, on the other hand, probably loves looking at FHM. I merely shrug.


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