Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Oh my God! It's all coming back to me...

It's only when I get a good night's rest that I start remembering things. Not all of them are pretty.

Yesterday, Ms. Doreen Fernandez of the Comm. department died while she was in New York. It got everyone riled up. For those who don't know, Ms. Doreen Fernandez is a great writer and a wonderful teacher as well, or so I hear from her students. I planned to enroll in one of her classes someday but that's not an option now.

Also, had my first history quiz under Mr. Ocampo. The first question went something like this: "Write the lyrics of the song Bahay Kubo and do it without singing."

Last but not least, I did manage to find a ride home yesterday although he dropped me off at Corinthians. It's only now I realize how distant a walk that was.


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