Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Couldn't update yesterday since my brother was on the phone at wee hours in the evening. As usual.

It never ceases to amaze me how much some people never learn. I mean when we're given a handout to read, it means we should read it. Well, some classmates of mine (and guess what, they're Xaverians!) didn't read the handout so when the teacher gives us a quiz to check if we've read the handout, they don't get the answer. And this happened in BOTH history and philosophy. -.- Some things never change.

Also saw Mitch, Kenken, and Arcina yesterday. They were in CCHQ at around 4:30, at my dismissal time. Of course I also happened to be carpooling and it was a good thing my carpool was photocopying stuff so I had time to "rush" to the shop and meet them. Of course my pants were all muddied by the time I got there. And what do they say when I see them? "Charles, bilhin mo ako niyan." -.- And this is why I like giving stuff to people who don't ask. =)


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