Sunday, March 19, 2006

[Blog Entry] Exhausted


The last day of the work week was simply tiring. Last year, I had a photo shoot that involved five bands and that shoot took the whole day.

That was nothing compared to last Friday. In preparation for Pulp's Summer Slam, we were taking photos of most (if not all) of the bands that are performing. In the case of last Friday, we had to shoot around fifteen bands.

Went to work early, came home late... the only person more tired than me was probably the photographer and our talent Tenga.

Saturday is unwinding day, but that was too much unwinding as I came home at 6 am the next day, too exhausted to do anything else but sleep.

And Monday's just a few hours away. Then I'll have to fix my dad's office computer, work as usual, and attend my boss's birthday party in the evening.


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