Tuesday, February 21, 2006

[Blog Entry] Guerilla Post

Guerilla Post

This is one of those entries where you laugh at your own antics. Yesterday marked the end of the first week of PangYa's Hole in One Challenge. PangYa is a casual golf game with RPG elements. The mechanics of the contest is that if make a hole-in-one, you'll win P100,000, divided equally among the winners. The good news is that I won. The bad news is that so did 80+ other people. But extra money is still extra money.

It was a decade ago that I started playing Magic: The Gathering. The stand-alone expansion back then was Ice Age, and would be followed by Alliances and Homelands. Now Homelands was a moderate success at best (better than Fallen Empires); when story was talked about, people always referred to the fact that it had a 100+ storyline that it couldn't printed. Ten years later, they're doing what we call in comics a retcon. A new expansion is taking its place as the sequel to Ice Age, and it's Cold Snap.


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