Thursday, February 16, 2006

[Blog Entry] Gone


I just stopped blogging for a few days and it seems so much has changed (I'll leave the recent Ultra fiasco out). US Vice President shoots a man accidentally (and you thought our government was horrible), netGames merges with Level-Up just to name a few.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck at work, transcribing interviews of this year's Bb. Pilipinas contestants (and increasing may knowledge of people's speech patterns, no matter how painful the ordeal). Highlight of the day was when I was buying soya milk at Robinsons Galleria, a man ran past me. And then two security guards followed suit. The man was quickly apprehended when he ran into people waiting in line at the food court. Not much violence really, but it breaks the norm of everyday shopping.

Haven't been feeling well as of late, physically and mentally. Perpetual cold and lethargy strikes, while I'm currently a shell of my former self. Not getting any writing (or reading) done. This is one of my abyssmal phases (second only perhaps to my depression phase).

Oh! And one thing I noticed about the Johari window... it seems that it's something that girls do. I mean I don't see it in guys blogs. No guy filled out my Johari window yet. Hmmm...


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