Thursday, March 09, 2006

[Blog Entry] Corporate Drone

Corporate Drone

Back in grade school and high school, the two days I looked forward to was Wednesday and Friday. Friday, because it's the weekend (signalling the start of Saturday and Sunday), while Wednesday because classes were half-day back then.

Working at my 9 am - 6 pm job, not much has changed. I look forward to Fridays, because it's the weekend, and this coming Wednesday, because it's 1) pay day, and 2) comic stocks day at Comic Quest.

On a side note, my dream for the day was finding out our house got burned down, and we were stuck in an apartment beneath the Shoppesville mall (which does not exist in this reality). The biggest blow to me was losing my book collection. Some books were saved, but since I wasn't there during the fire, I wasn't the one who chose what books got saved. Suffice to say, the books that were saved were books I've already read (in comparison to books that I have at home yet still remain unread), and not exactly the ones I was happy to keep.

The second fear I had was the fact that we were living under a shopping mall that closes at 9 pm. So that means if I want to be sleeping in my own bed, I'd need to get home before that time or else sleepover at a friend's place during my late night excursions.


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