Monday, February 20, 2006

[Blog Entry] Out of Synch

Out of Synch

There are days (in this case, a month) when I'm simply out of synch. Not much reading or writing, and my mentality is in a totally different mode.

Been busy over the weekend, having to work overtime to finish some transcripts. And then had an unexpected trip to EuroStar last Saturday evening (thank God it was just pay day recently). Normally, I'd describe myself as a daring person. I've been going to amusement parks abroad since I was a kid (when you're traveling with your parents, it's perhaps the only thing you look forward to) and wild rides is something I'm familiar with. Of course the first ride me and my friends decide to try was perhaps the most painful one. And yes, I meant painful. We left our mobile phones, wallets, and glasses (can't see!) at the counter and when the ride began, I knew that I wouldn't be able to ride anything else that evening. While I did get dizzy (I inherited my mom's motion sickness; to illustrate how bad it is, I get dizzy playing first-person games such as Counterstrike on the PC or Mario at the N64), a bigger issue for me was my small frame. I was getting thrown around the seat (plus the seat had a nasty protrusion in the crotch area) very hard. Once the ride was over, had to pass on the other rides that I would have otherwise normally tried, mainly due to the dizziness (and the fact that I probably shouldn't have eaten an hour ago... I didn't throw up but if I had ridden another g-force ride, I probably would have). To illustrate how painful that ride was for me, two days later, awkard portions (at odd angles) of my body is aching and has minor bruises. So if you find me in a grumpy mood, now you know.

Sunday was interesting as I arrived home at the wee hours of the morning. It was also the day when boxing promoters were trying to cash in on Manny Pacquiao's popularity, and Robinsons Galleria had this huge poster of Brian Villoria as they televised his title defense that day. I doubt if the enthusiasm was as big as that of Manny Pacquiao (and indeed, when I went to Robinsons Galleria, there were significantly less people compared to the day when Pacquiao fought Erik Morales for a second time). Even Pacquiao acted as commentator for Villoria's fight and all I can say is that right now, he's not really that great a public speaker. So yes, even while Villoria deserves credit for his success in defending his title, it seems that he's eclipsed (at least here in the Philippines) by the man we associate Filipino boxing with.


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