Monday, March 06, 2006

[Blog Entry] Sleeping, Weekends, Some Backlogged Entries


While dreams are supposed to be ridiculous and fantastical, there are still some dreams which are way too weird. A friend, for example, once had a dream in subtitles...

Anyway, just woke up and freaky dream for the day was that I was feeling sleepy while dreaming. Can you sleep in a dream? Or better yet, dream that you're dreaming? (Sure, we have those movies and eerie TV episodes where the guy keeps on waking up but come on, has this happened to you?)


I've currently been in isolationist mode and the only time I get to see people as of late is via their virtual presence, mostly in the form of blogs and livejournals. My shyness is getting the better of me.

My gaming group plays D&D on Saturday afternoons until the evening, after which it's DotA time. Unfortunately, it's taxing on the sleeping hours. Two weeks before, I was coming home at 6 am in the morning, and last week, arrived home earlier because it was a friend's despidida before he moves on to the US. I wish I could say I was a rebel but no, everything's wholesome. =P

Anyway, here's some backlog entries which I wrote as far back as January, even before the recent coup attempt, or the recent political machinations of those in government.


Just the other day, I was asking my mom to deposit my money in the bank. Of course it always struck me as strange why the Chinese tend to favor certain banks: Chinabank, Equitable, etc. over others. Whereas friends would invest their money in the lesser-known banks because of the possible higher returns, the logic my mom follows is "can we trust them?"

In the end, the banks my mom patronizes are either those frequented by her parents, or those in which she has a connection, from the friend of a friend or a relative of a relative.

Of course one of the things I notice is that this distrustful attitude shapes most of my parent's lives. It explains why they're afriad of Filipino-Chinese marriages, why they go to Chinese doctors (not necessarily ones that practice Eastern medicine) instead of Filipino ones, and in the end, the type of business they invest in. My parents were never adventurous or risk-takers. They thrive in their comfort zone, in the world that they can be certain of.

Aquino for President

As much as Filipinos can be proud of the original EDSA revolution, this one just doesn't make sense.

Ninoy Aquino was assassinated a few years prior to EDSA. During the election for presidency, many Filipinos wanted Aquino's wife, Cory, to run for president, claiming that Filipinos will only be united under the Aquino name.

It's like saying "we know Ninoy's dead, but there are some people who don't know that, so we want you to pose as your husband... and we'll join in with the farce".

Or maybe Filipinos put a lot more credit into one's bloodline (of course in this case, quite remote) and family name (look at Senator Magsaysay for example), hoping that the virtues spotted in the original person continue with his/her relatives.

The strangest thing of all is, we don't call her Aquino. We call her Cory. Cory's daughter, Kris, probably gets called Aquino more often than our former president.


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