Sunday, March 07, 2004

Blurry Eyes

Just woke up and my left eye is still "waking up". It really surprises me that I can still read it at this rate.

Oh yeah, also felt something "snap" in my left eye last evening. Hopefully no long term damage. Blindness is one of those diseases I wish I'd never get (because I can't read anymore!). Losing my hands is a close second, because that means I can't type (and believe me, my voice is far from fluent or understandable). And I sound smarter when I write (I just tend to be a goof or an outcast in real life). =)

Red Tape

It looks like life in Ateneo is still full of red tape. Got grades, and suffice to say, there are stil subjects with asterisks.

TV Shows

Life as a bum has re-introduced me to the mysterious corrupting device that is called the television. Hana Yori Dango is airing on Saturday mornings (10 am) at ABS-CBN, while Enterprise premiered last night on Star TV, and it would have been okay if it weren't for the obvious and gratitious fan service.


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