Sunday, February 29, 2004

Bloggable Friday

Aside from the Siglo launch by Dean, Vin, Gerry, Elbert, Andrew, Marco, Jason, Nikki, and Carl, there's the incident with Vin's van where it halted in the middle of EDSA and we all had to get out and wait for Vin to fix the battery's wiring.

It'll join my archive of car anecdotes, along with Carlos getting pulled over by a policeman who was hinting at a bribe but Carlos failing his Sense Motive check (along with blaming his dad for not having the registration "where it should be"), or Jobert leaving the keys inside his car so we had to commute all the way from Alabang to Makati and then back, or an incident that actually happened twice in Disneyland where my aunt left her car lights on and we had to look for someone to jumpstart the car, or even a recent incident involving me, Henry, and Cyril looking for Justin's carpark ticket in Virra Mall's new parking lot (which we failed to find).

Depression Weekend

With nothing really much to do in addition to the fact that I'm alone (no one likes me... let me rephrase that... no one in my age group that's currently residing in the Philippines really likes me), depression is starting to creep in. Long breaks usually does this to me (among other things), which is why I frequently want to keep myself busy, as well as I miss school. Except I'm graduating so "school" is not something I can really look forward to in the following months.

Yes, I'm actually a whiny person with low self-esteem and has totally no self-confidence in himself.

Oh welcome, welcome to life. ^_^


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