Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Reign of Fire

Yesterday was a holiday (EDSA anniversary) but strangely enough, it was "more exciting" than usual (I say more exciting because there's usually some rallyists during the anniversary).

For one thing, there were a few fires occuring in Metro Manila. And unfortunately, one of them happens to be near my home, Camp Crame. And when it's the ammunitions stock room that's on fire, well, watch out for fire shrapnel and big explosions (I mean come one, that's probably the worst place that a fire could start, so expect big explosions).

Currently, the news says its faulty wiring and the like rather than sabotage by terrorists. Of course me being me, I don't know what's worse: the fact that accidents of those proportions could happen due to negligence (and believe me, sharpnel and bullets were landing at EDSA... and Filipinos being Filipinos, were picking them up...) or because terrorists were causing them (and the government is making a feeble effort to cover it up).

On a side note, the new Cardinal (I forgot his name... I mean ever since I was born, it's always been Cardinal Sin...) made some bold statements during his EDSA anniversary mass. And I totally agree. "Freedom is not a one day event..." but rather an every day struggle. (Yes, I'm one of those people who's sad that EDSA 2 and EDSA 3 had to happen, because it only shows how much we haven't really learned from recent events [EDSA 1], and that the Philippines is still in need of heroes. And while rallying is good method of peaceful protest, the solution to our problems can't just be "let's rally because I'm dissatisfied with the current government", because it really shows how we belittle our own government, and that we really don't put the public trust where we should [and I might digress to how this affects our voting methods, etc.].)

12 Minutes

On a whim, I started running around the village today. Apparently it takes me 12 minutes to circle the perimeter. And then I felt light-headed afterwards (probably because I have low blood pressure). Of course that's something eating lots of food can cure...


It seems there's a lot of interesting shows on TV come next week. Naruto will be airing on ABS-CBN, and Cartoon Network is finally showing Teen Titans (as well as the rest of the Clone Wars microseries).


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