Wednesday, February 04, 2004


It isn't really so bad that Atenean students promote their events via email, but it's really annoying that they send 1 MB images. Even the images are just glorified text, so it would have saved everyone bandwidth if they sent the email using plain text. I mean you're bombarding my mailbox and I have other emails to read. It's perhaps acceptable in a website but not when you're mailing it to me. You might have as well dumped garbage at my house.

No One Really Listens

I've been complaining to my family about the smoke the enters our house during the evening. Of course they just shrug me off. In a strange twist of fate, my brother is now staying in the guest room because he can't stand the smoke, and he was chastising me before for sleeping in the guest room when I had my own room. Even mother started smelling the smoke, but she probably wouldn't have realized it if I didn't throw a tantrum.

Vicious Cycle

My block has some surplus money (not a lot, mind you) from the recent events we had. Of course as one would expect when it comes to money matters, the question on how to dispose of it eventually comes up.

I did suggest that some of the excess money go to a fund for next year's batch of students, since they will be having the same project and it would be nice if there was a little starting money for them to begin with (mind you, starting money, not an entire account which pays for the whole project). Unfortunately, my blockmates disagrees with me, giving as a reason that they want the undergraduates to suffer as they did. Of course this kind of mentality is the same I've heard in high school, when seniors wanted a harsher initiation rites for the freshmen, and the scenario of bullying in general.


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