Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Yesterday I only had one class and it was a free cut so I decided to stay home.

of course staying home entails me being totally unproductive. I didn't even get any reading done. Just the usual eat, sleep, watch TV things.

And in D&D terms, I failed my Will saving throw and I'm now short on a few thousand pesos since I indulged and bought a case of D&D Miniatures starter box (it would have been a case of D&D Miniatures booster packs but they ran out).

Of course now, I have these armies but with no one to play with... *hint* *hint*


It's strange how my college years mimicked my high school years. To begin with, I began both college and high school as a loner, and I'll most likely end it the same way (alone!).

Of course in a strange quirk of fate, both of my sophomore years are nearly identical. It was during both years that I found a RPG group to hang out with, and even in both instances, my colleagues were either upper batchmen or lower batchmen.

Junior year was when I saw my established companions slowly drift away, leaving me where I began.

On Better News

I'm cleared and my English 11 grade is finally confirmed so hopefully, I'll be graduating in a few months.

Free Cuts

I'm supposed to have only one class today since the teachers suddenly gave free cuts, but I had a group meeting so had to stay in school for half the day.

Not that my day was unproductive since I did get to play Go at school (using a 9x9 board), as well as being witness to a Shaolin demo (while the monks were quick and agile, it was resilience that the audience admired as a monk smashed another monk with a wooden pole and he came out of it unscathed).


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