Sunday, February 01, 2004


As much as I love sleepovers, the one thing one doesn't really get during a "sleepover" is sleep. And I guess during RPG sleepovers, you can also add food and water to the list one is deprived of.

On a side note, I did learn how to play the board game A Game of Thrones which is based on novel by George R.R. Martin. It seems that there's a lot of political strategy involved in the board game, which can also take as long as three hours to play.

Of course most of my friends were far more comfortable playing D&D Miniatures, which while takes quite awhile to setup (looking for one figure in a mass of two hundred), is much quicker to understand and faster to play than A Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, I apprently lost two figures (one's a zombie, so I really don't care, while the other is an Axe Sister, an uncommon figure, so that starts making me worry).

The Return!

well, it seems that Gayuma's back. But I haven't found the time lately to scower Katipunan, and the one person that knows is keeping everyone in suspense.

I Failed... fulfilling my ten books to be read in January. I only ended up reading nine.

On a side note, my first year grades are finally cleared up and I finally got my transcript. I'm also on the revised list of students graduating this year.


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