Monday, January 26, 2004

More Plugging!

For those who haven't signed up yet for yaoi con, do so soon because pre-enlistment is only until February and there's still 200+ people needed to sign up for the event to proceed. That and they plugged me in their site as well. =)

Then there's Creative Writing junior Milo for more Atenean bloggies.

Part 2 of the RotK review.

Still in Limbo

As of last week, Ateneo already posted the list of would-be graduates. As expected, my name still isn't there...

Master Stalker

Every year, the graduating batch usually holds an awarding of sorts where students pay P2.00 to vote for individuals such as "Crush ng Bayan", etc.

Well this year, it seems I'm probably up in the running for "Master Stalker" (description: he/she is a confirmed stalker... but not in the sick, bad way) and "Pasan Ko ang Daigdig Award" (Para sa taong may portable sari-sari store. The student whose bag contains anything and everything from staplers to band-aids to all the different cuts of paper.) or "Mr. and Mrs. Friendster" (For the students who never fails to say hi to you even if you're far, far away from him/her.).

As if anyone actually cares about my ego...


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