Monday, February 02, 2004

It's Been a Longer Weekend than I Thought

After a three-day weekend, I arrive at Ateneo to witness several changes in the span of three days.

First, there were these people from Nescafe who could be mistaken for Ghostbusters. They had these backpacks with a cyclindrical case inside it as well as a hose attached to it, which they were wielding in one hand, and a coffee cup in another. And there were four of them, wandering around the campus looking for customers.

Then I enter the library where the guard stops me and asks for my ID (it was already hanging from my neck). Apparently, there's a new device that scans the barcode of the ID and bleeps if you're a registered student. I guess students sneaking past the guard will have to bring their present school year IDs rather than last year's...

The third shocking event was when they closed off Gate 3 of Ateneo (or the one opposite KFC). Or rather, vehicles can't turn left anymore but have to turn right. It was also a big hassle for pedestrians. It was a sight for me though as there was a traffic accident there.

Post Which Will Probably Grant Me Hits

Gayuma has temporarily relocated to 41 A Esteban Abada, 5 meters past Alvero St. across RCBC bank.

You can call 0917-8118163 or 0918-5216278 for orders.


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