Friday, July 04, 2003

We're Just Friends

Me: She's not my crush anymore.

Paula: So ano kayo, friends na lang?

Somehow, that response doesn't seem comforting.

I mean for one thing, whether I'm courting the other person or not, I'd like to think relationships begin with friendship more than anything else. Unlike some people who "court first" and "get to know the person later", I think it should be the other way around. I mean the chances of finding a good match with the next cute person that passes by is as unlikely as winning the sweepstakes.

Second, while it's nice to have a significant other, friendship isn't a lower level of affection. Different, yes, but just as important. =)

And of course, it's discomforting because it's been several months since I got over my crush and people are figuring this out only now (well, they didn't want to take my word for it).

There's Something Wrong...

Bought some brownies at KFC for the people at CCHQ. I'm also feeling generous.

To some, this might seem I'm in a jovial mood. But me being generous is actually a bad sign. I'm sad. Some people eat a lot. Or go shopping. Or drive a really fast car. As for me, I spend my time cheering other people up. Because what I lack in myself, hopefully I can induce in others.


While I do like to loan out my SF&F books (with a slight hesitancy when it comes to hardcover books because not only are they more expensive but have a higher risk of getting ruined as well), it dawned on me that I don't have the same attitude when it comes to loaning out my RPG books. Mainly because other people tend to ruin those books in a short span of time (and the fact that they're hardcovers also) and with the exception of the Player's Handbook, gamers don't really need to see the other books (it'll ruin the surprise!), although it does provide interesting reads.

If I Wanted to Be Popular

I'd ride on the band wagon and claim I'm one of those Meteor Garden fans. I mean me and Elbert were in the Comm. Dept. the other day and somehow, Meteor Garden came into the conversation and this cute girl (probably one of those Chinese girls Marcel has a prospect on) joined in the conversation. Of course I met this girl in first year, when she was looking for notes to study for the Math 12 exams, but apparently, she forgot about me (of course I could always use the "I'm a stalker" gimmick for people to remember me but honestly, I don't want to freak people out... at least those who take me too literally).

And of course, I realized that Hana Yori Dango has lasted for what, 34 volumes, and so not only is it using elements of soap opera, it's probably using ALL the elements. I mean all the techniques are probably being used, from filial conflict to having, ugh, amnesia.


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