Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The Stalker Strikes Again!

Here's a link to entries of some acquaintances: Lin and Gabby.

Ain't it amazing what blog hopping can do? Of course it's eerie when I effortlessly sift through the aliases. I do hope they don't mind (it wouldn't be the first time someone got mad at me for using people's real names).

They Feed Me Soup

I went with two male friends to have lunch. Or rather to watch them eat lunch. And of course, in pity, they give me soup.

And then half an hour later, I meet up with two friends again, this time female. Same routine, accompanying them to watch them eventually eat lunch, and "pity food" is soup.

I remember the days in high school when the pity food I get is coins from batchmates around the table which I use to purchase either donuts or pizza bread (which is actually nothing other than pandesal with ketchup and cheese on top).

I Had Courage

For I went to Comic Quest and introduced myself to Vin. Had a quick chat about SF&F and I think I saw a Jason lurking in the shop...


For my class in writing for children, ended up at the Crucible exhibit in Megamall. Jason Moss was there showcasing his artworks as well as the books for children he illustrated ( various stories taken from Aesop's Fables).

Of course since I came before the teacher arrived and some of my classmates were there, I ended up introducing them to the exhibit ("these are the artwork of Jason, that's the book which he illustrated, you can buy books there, he's over there and he's doing some signings", etc.). And again, my "stalker powers" must have been working overtime considering the fact that I don't really know Jason (although I was there when he ran into Elbert in school).

There was also lovely catering, c/o Jason's mom.

Chi: I like this food.

*lady with food comes to the table*

Chi: Do you cater?

Lady: *hesitates* I used to... I'm Jason's mom.


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