Thursday, July 10, 2003

Forgot to Mention...

Yesterday, in order to enforce the wearing of IDs, Ateneo had one of those "surprise" checkups. Students who failed to wear their IDs had to sign a form and will probably be in the hold order list, which'll probably require a fine on their part so that they can take the final exams (which is three months away).


I'm using one of the school's computer labs, and I'm probably updating this the same time Marcel is since he's on the other side of the room (although I don't think he sees me).

And I'm sitting beside this cute girl in pink...

My Teeth Hurt

So far, I've had nothing for breakfast nor for lunch, unless a popsicle stick counts as a meal. I've been in denial the entire day, hoping that there aren't any afternoon classes because of the cheer rally (of course I know there will still be classes but I can hope can't I?).

Mysterious Text Messages

I've been getting text messages from various unknown people for the past week, although by now, their identities have been revealed. Feh. One of them even wants me to stalk this "weird" (which basically describes a lot of people, myself included) person who strolls around campus. Sorry, I'm not that kind of stalker.

And if All Goes Well For My Friend

I'll know who to blame for bad translations when Meteor Garden 2 debuts in August. At least ABS-CBN is milking the cow for all it's worth, unlike what happened to Marimar when a rival station got the rights to it.


The cute girl mentioned earlier has a blurty and is updating it. Or at least reading someone's blurty. Hmmmm, lots of blogs out there.

And the One Thing I Hate About Updating Outside of Home...

Is the fact that I have to sign out or else someone else might have access to my private information, whether it's my blogs, my email, and my mailing lists.


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