Tuesday, May 20, 2003

On TV Patrol

"Mga Poster ng Meteor Garden Pinagaagawan" or something along those lines was one of the headlines.

Tomorrow is Wednesday

Me: So when are we dropping by Dean's office?

Elbert: On Wednesday.

Me: You mean tomorrow?

Elbert: Errr, what day is it today?

Me: Tuesday... you don't have lab today.

Elbert: *looks at bag* Then why did I bring my lab apron and dissecting kit?

I hate SPAM

And worst of all, I hate the people that spam me viruses, which I receive thrice in a day or so. It's so annoying because of the time it takes me to download, and of all things, a computer virus masquerading as a screensaver.

Sometimes, the breast and penis enlargement spam seem better...


Hmmm, apparently, I've distributed more than one dozen copies of it in the Katipunan area (some to the faculty and staff of Ateneo)...

I spend too much money on other people...


Found out Jobert's not returning here in June. *sniff*


On a side note, did see Cyril bumming around at Ateneo this morning. And apparently, he's given up the prospect of teaching.


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