Tuesday, May 13, 2003


A lot of people who stumbled onto my blog were looking for Meteor Garden Philippines...

Anyway, for their sakes, the timeslot is at 4 pm, ABS-CBN time (which means +/- ten minutes), and episodes are chopped into 30 minute segments.

Philippine Attempts at Advertising

Got this from my SMART prepaid today:

"Musta ang relationshp mo w God? Txt mo siya sa 463 & tell Him ur thoughts, feelings even TYs. He will listn. Save 463 sa phonebk & txt Him 2day."

(How is your relationship with God? Text him at 463 and tell him your thoughts, feelings, even thanks. He will listen. Save 463 in your phone book and text him today.)

Apparently, God is keeping up with the times and went digital. He now owns a cellphone for those people who are too lazy to pray and he can be reached at 463. And he uses a SMART line as well.


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