Wednesday, May 14, 2003

ISP Troubles... Again

When it rains, it pours. That best describes my ISP. So for the next few days (or even weeks), regular updates might not be possible. And the sad thing there is for all I know, I might be getting all the email I should be receiving (then again, I get more SPAM than actual emails nowadays).

Of course despite the erratic nature of my Internet access, did manage to download Netscape 7 (thank God you can download it in installments).

Which reminds me, my computer is already one year old. It wasn't so long ago that my P4 arrived and I installed Flash (and had to borrow from Benj a copy of MS Office 2000)... And Jobert and Franco came here to play one of the last RPGs we were ever going to have before they left for the US...

Mad Dash

Just found out that ADB/Ink and Stone just got restocks. Ran to The Podium after Zoids: New Century and ran into Paul on the way.

Nothing that interests me was available (or was within my budget). And besides, I have to save money...

Robinsons Galleria

Well, seeing that my visit at The Podium was going to be a very short one, I dropped by Robinsons Galleria because Paul was there. Not that I actually entered Neutral Grounds because I've lost my familiarity with it.

The shopkeepers I'm associated with weren't there, Dennis usually frequents the hobby store near Xavier, and I don't see Garrick (are you still reading my blog?) nowadays.

I did drop by the theater though to see what's on...


I wonder when they're going to show So Close here. Or if it's going to be dubbed or subtitled for that matter.

I'm also anticipating that the theaters tomorrow are going to be filled for the debut of Matrix: Reloaded. I hear G4 is already filled until Saturday...

And Matrix: Reloaded is one of the few movies I'm going to watch this year. Why few? Well, in the past, I seldom go out to watch movies because I rarely have anyone to go with (and I run into acquaintances who pity me that I'm all by myself in the mall). Nowadays, it's because of budget problems (must...publish...comics...).

So far, the only movies I've watched this year was Hero. Haven't seen any of the Marvel movies yet and probably won't. I'm trying to limit it to three movies but with two Matrix movies looming, as well as So Close and Return of the King...

Elbert the Scalper

While everyone else is struggling for Matrix: Reloaded tickets, Elbert has something like a dozen complimentary tickets available at various malls.


While eating dinner, dad arrived and told me his plans for the next few days. Uncle is coming from the uS on Sunday. Then auntie as well on Monday. Then it's our grandfather's second year death anniversary on Thursday, which is why uncle and auntie are coming back. And then it's grandmother's (she's dead) birthday on Saturday. I guess there'll be lots of eating next week (which I'm not exactly looking forward to).

On a side note, you'll finally see me wearing bright colors by next next week. The reason you usually see me in either brown or black or blue is because I have no choice. Father follows tradition and for two years, we can't wear anything bright such as yellow or red. The only exception to me is my yellow rubber shoes, because I only have one pair of rubber shoes.


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