Thursday, May 15, 2003


Me: Lassie, libre mo ako. (Lassie, treat me out.)

Lassie: Bakit, kaano-ano ko ba ikaw? Kaibigan ko ba ikaw? (Why, what are you to me? Are you my friend?)

-a few minutes later-

Lassie: Charles, pa-text. Naubusan ako ng credits eh. (Charles, can I use your phone? I ran out of credits.)

At the Movies

Bought tickets to Matrix: Reloaded at the Theater Mall (formerly the Greenhills Theater). It was the first time I watched a movie there. And suffice to say, it had a good atmosphere. Perhaps it's not as large as other movie theaters but it'll do.

Of course at the entrance they were selling advanced tickets for P150 and regular tickets at P120. It was expensive and I do wish I could have watched at G4 but alas...

Of course I did buy my tickets at 12:30 pm for the 3:30 pm show (to get good seats) so I was able to go home, have a snack, a nap, and even watched some TV before going to watch Matrix: Reloaded.

Ending Credits

Well, there is a preview of Matrix: Revolutions at the end of the credits. So I was there along with a couple and another guy, waiting for the credits to end when the security guards and maintenance crew started cleaning up the theater. While I appreciate the sanitation, could they not start sweeping the floors and spraying the place with people still in there?

And apparently, there was a family who hid at the bathroom until the preview for the next Matrix movie started showing.


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