Sunday, June 23, 2002

Just browsing through people's blogs and it's amazing what you discover...

Since the picture Noelle scanned wasn't in a good enough resolution, I still don't know what she looks like with her new haircut. As far as I can tell with the pic, she looks thinner. =)

Oh wow. Hahaha. >.< The mechapinoy threesome (Benj, Garr, and Rich) thought that it was "incredibly and indescribably hilarious to throw me at a pretty young lady". Apparently, they haven't visited Ateneo as of late. Besides, there'll only be one girl for me and her name is *****. =) Never mind that I have no chance with her whatsoever.

Garr thinks that if I need an interview with substance, I should call him and he'll write it down. He says it's for "intellectual effect". I like to call it "pambobola", ala Xavier-style.


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