Thursday, March 30, 2006

[Blog Entry] Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Every Sunday, we go to our grandparent’s home and have dinner with relatives. Usually, conversation would start at the dinner table, discussing everything from showbiz to politics. My brother told this story though about some would-be kidnappers (although me not reading the news, couldn’t verify if all the facts were right; but still, it’s a nice story, even if I get all the facts wrong).

Since it’s my brother who’s telling the story, the main characters should be Filipino-Chinese. There was this boy, somewhere in his twenties, who came from a rich family, studied in a prestigious school, and lived in a secure village. He also had a girlfriend who was in a similar position as he. Now one day, the boy lost a bet in a basketball game, and ended up owing a debt of 3 million. His girlfriend, supportive of the boy, helped him concoct a plan to gain that money quickly. A kidnapping would happen, and the two would be involved.

One of the boy’s neighbors jogged around the village consistently at a particular hour. The boy noticed this and decided that this person would be his target for the kidnapping. When all was set, the man was abducted and taken into captivity. Now the boy being amateurs, made two mistakes in the act of the kidnapping. First, when they tied the man, they did not do it from his back (which is the standard procedure in kidnappings). They tied his hands in front of him, so even if the man was blindfolded, he was able to take a peek at his captors. The second mistake was the location of their hiding place. It was an abandoned home directly across the street of the mark’s home. So when the man managed to escape from where they were holding him, I can just imagine his surprise. Hey, my house is right in front of me.

Boy was captured, girlfriend is currently in hiding. Hopefully not in a house right across her home.


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