Wednesday, March 29, 2006

[Blog Entry] Robert Jordan Musings

Robert Jordan Musings

The author Robert Jordan will probably immortalize himself in fantasy by publishing his twelve-book serial series Wheel of Time. Currently the book count is at eleven, and there's one more book to go.

I started reading his work back in high school, which was some time in 1998. It's almost a decade, and thankfully the end is near, although not necessarily what I might have wished. Throughout the time period waiting for the next book to come out, my joke to fellow Jordan friends was that he'll die before he finishes his last book, much like what happened to Frank Herbert and his Dune series.

I was talking to Banzai earlier today and sadly, that joke might come true. While not dead, Robert Jordan has amyloidosis. And my concern for Banzai is that while Jordan still has a few years to live, if we follow his publishing pattern, it'll take him one year (assuming there are no delays) to write his next prequel novel, and then another year for the final book.

Hopefully, Jordan manages to finish his opus. After that, it's intenseful prayers to God that George R. R. Martin lives to be a hundred.


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