Sunday, August 29, 2004

U Got Game Press Release


we'd like to invite all you guys to UGOTGAME!, the first philippine game developers convention, on the 18th of september 2004 at the philippine tourism and trade convention center (PTTC), buendia road, makati city -- next to the world trade center and the CCP open grounds.

it's organized by the the international gaming development association (IGDA) manila chapter, together with ADMU's compsat, the de la salle computer society (LSCS), the university of the philippines association of computer science majors (CURSOR), and the organization of technical innovation (OTI) of the mapua. we'll be having a student games programming competition, with nearly one hundred thousand pesos worth at stake in cash and prizes.

for more information regarding the games competition, please visit our website:



the event hall opens promptly at 1PM and will close at 9PM.

no food and drinks are allowed inside the event hall. however, there is a cafeteria and dining hall immediately outside the hall entrance, so you are free to eat there, comfort rooms are also outside of the event hall, immediately to the left of the hall entrance.



we'll also be having a cosplay competition, with the first prize at a whopping PhP 10,000. the rules of the competition are as follows:

1) only characters that originated in games on all platforms (i.e. PC, playstation, x-box, game cube, dreamcast, game boy, etc.) will be allowed. characters that have originally come from anime, manga, comics, cartoons, novels, and movies that have games featuring them as characters are officially disqualified. the cosplay team and the secretariat committee reserve sole discretion in determining if your cosplay character does or does not follow this rule.

2) please bring four (4) full-color full-body pictures of the character/s you will be cosplaying. be ready to part with these, since they will be attached to the judging forms and permanently kept as part of our archives.

3) absolutely no real and/or dangerous weapons for props. fire props and messy props (i.e. fake blood) are also not allowed. nudity and/or skimpy outfits are not disallowed, but not encouraged either. all cosplayers are responsible for their own safety, so please keep in mind that that neither the staff not the organizers are responsible for any injuries and/or inconveniences resulting from participating in the cosplay competition.



the competition will be judged base on the following criteria. the organizers would like to exercise their privileges and not release the percentages for each category.

accuracy -- how closely the costume follows the original design of the game character portrayed.

craftsmanship -- how well the costume has been made, the level of difficulty involved in creating the costume, and the creativity employed in materials and construction techniques.

characterization -- how well the contestant portrays the personality of the character they are cosplaying over-all impact (to be replaced by audience impact during the finals judging) -- over-all appeal of the costume



all contestants to the UGOTGAME cosplay competition are entitled to the following privileges, which are not available to contestants of other cosplay competitions during the event due to time and space constraints.

1) stage and catwalk ramp for preliminary presentation

2) stage and catwalk ramp for final presentation (finalists only)

3) mirrored dressing room with washroom

freebies will also be given away upon the contestant's registration with the cosplay team.


Blogger Aids said...

guess who's the village idiot who's heading the secretariat committee here? hahahaha.

See you there on the 18th

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