Friday, August 20, 2004

Back to School

Since the first phase of the job involves training, it feels like I'm in school again: lessons to learn, classmates to learn with, trainers/teachers, ID tags, and even classrooms.

And of course, we get paid for studying.

Standing Out

Of course while I constantly feel the need to stand out in a group, I also know not to overdo it, because I might appear smug and arrogant to other people (I actually am, but that's besides the point). So for today, I was going more for meekness and subtlety. Unfortunately, I still stand out in a group, and in this case, due to my really big bag.

At least it gets the attention of the pretty girls. =)

And of course, it's also uncomfortable to be the only person in the group who doesn't have a computer-related course. But I don't think anyone is noticing, so...


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