Friday, August 20, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

Now that work has officially started, I have less time to myself. I mean my job consumes nine hours of my life, plus an additional hour to walk to and from my house. It's been four years since I last had a nine-hour working day (i.e. high school), since in college, your classes barely take up more than three hours of your time per day (oh, and I'm a genius, so I don't study, hehehe).

Last night I quickly collapsed once I got home for dinner. I didn't even get the shift that I wanted (got the morning) shift but in a way, that's also better since despite the lower salary, I do have a semblance of a normal salary man (9 am - 6 pm, Mon - Fri) although I really can't maximize that since I don't have a social life (*hint* *hint*). But at least I'll be able to attend the gaming convention next month.

I'm also exhausted from reading three 800-page novels in a span of six days. On a side note, I've already exceeded my personal quota of reading 52 books in a year.



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