Tuesday, August 31, 2004

So Much for Staying Dry

On a side note, Podium gives away these plastics to store your umbrellas. Unfortunately, it's a requirement, and fitting your umbrellas into the small packets can be difficult.


I've always believed that regardless of whether your teacher is effective or not (of course it always helps if you have a good teacher), that shouldn't be an excuse for you not to learn. And until now, I still believe in that. Honestly, as inquisitive human beings, there are several ways to learn; if not directly from someone, maybe indirectly from another source, whether it's books, other people, or via trial and error.

Science is not an Exact Science

Contrary to popular belief, science is never exact. I mean while we do get the "correct answers" most of the time, there is still that small percentage for error. And our observations are usually based on controlled environments. But real life is seldom "controlled", and a lot of variables are put into play when we're talking about reality.

Unfortunately, most people think that science is like magic: it does what it's supposed to do (and this usually stems from ignorance... I mean we don't expect to know what our doctors know, for example; we just expect them to "cure" sick people). What "experts" usually have is a prescription that they hope works, but by no means are they 100% sure it'll solve the problem. I'm sure people like doctors, programmers, and meteorologists know what I'm talking about since they're people others expect to "solve" or "predict" their problems (not that they don't honestly attempt to do so).


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