Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Eyelash Shampoo

According to the ophthalmologist, the style that frequently pops up is due to the accumulation of dirt that I acquire. He recommended that I shampoo my eyelashes in order to prevent such occurences.

Bookfair Blunders part 2

Rumor has it that next year's book fair will still be at the World Trade Center.

Booksale Blunders

Along the lines of the Powerbooks sale a few months ago, National Bookstore gives you discount certificates for successful purchases (which means you only get a discount after you've bought a book). Moreover, they also have a promo that those who purchase P5,000 worth of items (as if everyone has P5,000 lying around) will get a chance (it's a lottery) to go to the US Bookfair next year. Aside from needing to spend P5,000 and the fact that it's not a sure thing, I'd also like to point out that the real "book fairs" aren't bookfairs that have books on sale; they're usually venues for publishers to peddle their books for other people to import/export in huge quantities. So for the tourist or occassional book buyer, unless you plan to purchase the rights to print a certain book, why bother?


After overtextending my resources last week, I'm officially broke. At least until the windfall that is September (alas, I hoard friends, not money).


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