Friday, March 19, 2004

TV is not Rotting my Brain

Apparently I was wrong. It's not TV that rots my brain. It's playing video games (thank God for Gameboy Advance ROMS... or maybe not). So I've been unproducitve for the past week. Extremely unproductive. And asocial (as Joyce put it... not anti-social, asocial!). =)


Well, a couple of my books are still in limbo (i.e. students from Ateneo) so I'm really interested how things will turn out (whether they'll return it to me before I graduate or they never will). Perhaps what would be even more interesting would be their reasons for doing so (there's plain greed and selfishness ["he's rich... he won't mind losing one book... he read it already anyway"], there's forgetfulness ["so it's you whom I borrowed it from!" or "I haven't returned it to you yet?"], and there's me being invisible ["I didn't know how to contact you"]).

Me posting it is also a test and a hint to those who "forgot" to return my books to please do so (and yes, I do remember who borrowed what from me... just because I let it pass doesn't mean I forgot...). ^_^

The Many Personas of Charles

Got this from a friend I really wish I knew more (I'm so horrible with names that I honestly forgot her name *sweatdrop*):

If you call me Charles, you're someone I personally introduced myself to.

If you call me JR, you're either relatives, someone introduced to by my relatives, or family friends.

If you call me Agan, you're either from Xavier or someone introduced to me by Xaverians (not a typo... it's one of the weird language ways why the i disappears in XaVERrians).

If you call me Naga (ohohohohoho!), you're either from the Pinoy Otaku chatroom or from my now-defunct ICQ list.

If you call me Kamen, you know me from Pinoy Otaku (whether the chatroom or the mailing list).

If you call me Wraith, you're from my Atenean gaming group.

If you call me Flip, you're Mystic.

If you call me Gargoyle, you're that ICAn I never really knew the name (because I'm horrible with names) but dislikes me nonetheless.

If you call me Chuck, you're Joel.

If you call me Charlie, you're either my high school Social Science teacher or my blockmate Coni.

If you call me Charles Yu, you're either the doctor or the dentist which my mom introduced me as Charles Yu.

If you call me Stalker, well, that'll be the first time anyone's really called me Stalker. ^_^


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