Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Reset Button

Sometimes, I long for more than a second chance; I want to start over. Maybe it's the perfectionist in me. Or maybe it's me shying away from tying up loose ends. Or simply because it's easier to start over rather than to fix things as it is.

But life doesn't have a reset button unlike video games. And maybe it's for the best (at least in the long run). With adversity comes the opportunity for growth, learning, and/or understanding. The reset button is sometimes akin to running away. And while running away isn't necessarily a bad thing, we can't always be running away from our problems, from our lives, from ourselves.

It occured to me that when I long for that "reset button", I should be focusing more on finishing what I started rather than looking for a fresh start. Resolution can bring many things (some of them unpredictable). It might solve the situation, or it might open up new problems. But either way, it's an opportunity for growth.

Of course in retrospect, while the reset button is a no-no, perhaps everyone needs a change of pace once in a while, or a vacation. And perhaps I should take the time, even if just for a week, to take a break from everything: TV, Internet, gaming, the books that I usually read, etc. (I'd put in the "people I always hang out with" but unfortunately, I don't have "people I always hang out with" but it's more of "people who take pity on me from time to time". But I'm really grateful for people who's stuck with me up to the present [so far] like Vin and Vern.)

On Something Less Serious

Got stuck in traffic from Ateneo on the way to Ortigas, which makes me grateful that I usually commute and with commutting, I don't have the hassles of driving a car (paying for gas, paying for parking, the concept of bribery, etc.).

Of course it was also one of the rarer events in my life that I was hitching a ride with a girl (apparently, there's this chauvinistic side of me and in the four years that I've been hitching rides, the ones driving the car have for the most part all been guys, with the exception of the kind and beautiful store owners at CCHQ [domo!] whom I occassionally hitch a ride home with). *ahem* A cute girl. And then it all comes crashing that maybe the girl won't like me because I don't drive and since she does, she has a right to it.

On the other hand, being stuck in traffic with a cute girl isn't such a bad thing... =)

TV is Rotting my Brain

For the past few days, I've been glued to the TV for around four hours a day. That's like three more hours than my usual dose of television. And in the end, it makes me as dizzy as staring at the computer for several hours.


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